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MP4Joiner, the small and neat application meant to help you join together multiple MP4 video files into single larger files, has just been updated, but I fail to see remarkable improvements. Some small improvements are available though, and this gives me hope for the future of this neat app.

As I said in the review of its 2.1 version, MP4Joiner is quite confusing when it comes to its licensing status, as though it’s an open source app whose code can be freely accessed, used and modified, it still comes with an installer plagued by semi-concealed offers to install additional software or to change the browser’s settings.

I was also criticizing its lack of advanced options, and things haven’t changed much here either. Users can still change only the language of the interface. There’s no possibility to customize the parameters of the output (bit rates, etc.) but at least now you can choose where to save the output file.

The best improvement of this tool is the fact that now it seems to be more powerful, flexible and reliable when it comes to joining together MP4 files of different encodings. It managed to merge a classical MPEG4-encoded MP4 with a H264-encoded one without any problem. This couldn’t be done using its past versions.

In conclusion, if the developer of this tool keeps on working on improving it, MP4Joiner can soon get one of the nicest MP4 joining tools on the market, as it’s already lightweight, easy to use, and looking promising.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Lightweight, neat, and small.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Open source


  • Attempts to install additional apps on your system or to change your browser's settings during its installation.
  • There’s no possibility to customize the parameters of the output
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